The Web

Web was an organically growing sculpture at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, lead by Artist, David Allies-Curtis, in collaboration with Ecology and Knot expert, Dale Mortiboys. The project aimed to engage with participants in knot tying activities over the course of two days, which produced a temporary sculpture based on the natural architecture of spiders, providing participants with a shared sense of achievement and community cohesion.

Web was based around an evolving collaboration as a piece of participatory performance art, involving the wider public on a drop-in basis. Using only red rope for aesthetic consistency, participants were educated in tying a selection of knots, incorporating their creations into the sculpture. The concept of the artwork had three main references, the first being the maritime heritage of the River Lea where the use of rope and knots was integral to the working life of sailors, the second being the ecological diversity of the park, and the third being the very act of looking and first hand experience (as opposed to through a digital medium). Web therefore embraced the human touch through the idiosyncratic mal (formality) of collaborative design and its potential for the serendipitous creation of beauty.

Web was a site-specific artwork, responding to the landscape, location and diverse ecology of the park. The project took place in the North Park, located near the River Lea, providing a link with the project’s themes of the River’s maritime heritage and ecological diversity, which participants were able to reflect on and discuss throughout the project.