Re-imagining the Greenway

Rosetta Arts Centre were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Plaistow South Big Local, to deliver a programme that aimed to provide children from Kaizen and Tollgate Primary an opportunity to engage with creative thinking and practical activities inspired by the nearby Greenway and experiment with 2d design and 3d design.

The programme ran in six-week blocksas anafter-school project. Kikis Leventis, a local artist and Finnish ceramicist Pauliina Pollanen, a formerartist in residence at the V&A led the workshops.

Children were encouraged to discuss their ideas and with each other and
visualise their “Greenway’ by sketching their
initial ideas on paper to help develop themes for the models.

The feedback we received has indicated that the participants enjoyed learning about the greenway, discussing ideas on how to re-invent the space; inspired by their own likes and dislikes and was excited to learn their models would be exhibited.

Thirty seven art kits were given to the
participants Thirty seven pupils were involved in the project – however not all students completed models due to absences.
Two schools were involved Kaizen Primary & Tollgate.

Five Scholarships were awarded to Tollgate Primary and four to Kaizen Primary

On a whole the project was well received by the young participants and the final creative output was excellent.